The H. Levitt Company would be out of business if it weren’t for Bill Snyder!


Not only did his knowledge and expertise as an accountant, and previous experience as a successful business owner, save us a lot of money, his personal interest in our company helped us address and solve major problems.  Bill Snyder has been a tremendous asset to our overall business operation.


Bill came to us in the summer of 1998, when we underwent a change in management and our sales were dropping.  Bill didn’t just crunch numbers; he got down into the trenches with us.  He learned about the wholesale hardware market.  He asked questions, read the hardware trade magazines, and checked out the Hardware industry on the internet.  He helped us lower operating expenses and get better rates from utility companies.  With Bill’s help we lowered our insurance costs, and got competitive bids from health coverage providers.  When our needs exceeded Bill’s expertise, he found experts for us to consult in inventory control, computers, employee benefits, and more.  Bill saved us a great deal of money.


Personally, Bill has used his expertise and knowledge, to save me a tremendous amount of money in estate taxes.  He also organized my financial affairs so that I could understand them and helped me with record keeping.


I highly recommend Bill Snyder to any business owner who needs a CPA that cares about you and your company.  He has the highest degree of professionalism and ethical standards.  If you have any questions about him, please feel free to call me.


Lillian Levitt


H. Levitt Company, Inc.

(412) 331-2203







“In preparing my tax return one year, my previous CPA indicated that I owed social security taxes on noncompete payments I received from the sale of my business.  Because this didn’t sound right to me, I questioned him and he assured me this income was indeed taxable.  Unsatisfied with his answer, I contacted CPA Bill Snyder and related my concerns.  Although Bill agreed that this situation was not taxable, he researched it first to be absolutely certain. The research confirmed he was correct, and subsequently, he related that to my CPA who really did not seem understand what he was doing.


I had been paying $7,000 a year in social security (self employment) taxes which came to $35,000 over a five year period.  Thanks to Bill and his knowledge and expertise as both a previous business owner and a CPA, he amended my returns and I saved the entire $35,000!


Bill is a dedicated, conscientious, and hard working individual who I would recommend to any business owner seeking a CPA. He continues to offer us tax saving strategies and solutions that help my organization operate in a tax efficient manner.”

Bob Agate,  General Partner
Virginia Manor Associates
Penn Hills



“When our accounting firm left us, we asked other professionals to recommend a CPA.  Bill Snyder’s name topped the list.  We were so impressed with him during his interview that we decided not to interview anyone else. What a good decision we made.


Bill reviewed our previous tax returns and financial statements and created a plan that will save us considerable taxes. We are thrilled, to say the least.


CPAs like Bill are far and few between. He is far more advanced in his knowledge of successful tax strategies than any of our other previous accountants, including one of Pittsburgh’s largest regional firms which we previously used. In fact,



his standards of professionalism and accuracy, attention to detail, prompt response and interest in our business, makes him one of the best in his field.


I recommend Bill Snyder without hesitation.  Please feel free to call me at (412) 461-6181 if you have questions about him.”


Lois Riske


General Cleaning, Inc.




“We first met Bill Snyder when he worked for our previous CPA firm. Shortly after he left to start his own CPA firm, he approached us to become a new client.  However, we were not ready to change accountants at that time.


A year or so later, Bill sent us a highly valuable tax tip that saved us $6,000 to $10,000 a year in Pennsylvania taxes as a result of the new state tax law.  He recommended we advise our tax preparer so we could take advantage of the change.  I don’t know many CPAs who would’ve done that!


Needless to say, we were then ready to change accountants and retain Bill as our CPA! Bill instituted quarterly meetings to discuss year-end tax planning issues, and to show us that we can implement strategies for reducing our taxes and increasing our revenue throughout the year. This was a highly valuable service to us – one that was not offered by our previous CPA.


I highly recommend Bill to any business that wants to increase its profitability and feel confident that its tax and accounting issues are in good hands.”

David Muto


Tom Troy Enterprises, Inc.

Pittsburgh, PA